HIV center for kids in Lopburi

The house center for the kids who get HIV since they were born

I had a chance to visit the HIV Center for kids and I was very impressed. The kids there were very cheerful, behave and lovable. When I visited them, I totally forgot the fact that they were the kids who were born with HIV but they were just the normal kids like any other kids and I think I’m right. HIV can’t degrade their lives only they do their lives degraded by themselves. I felt great for the whole time I was there and felt I complained too much before about life because when I looked at these kids, they made things easy and lived with what they had, choose to live with it instead of whining about it.

HIV Center for kids is at Lopburi province, this place was founded by the German guy. He is the president of this foundation and still work with kids until now. The name of the center is called “Baan Gerda”. There are many kids from many different age groups from newborn until 18.

All of the kids are studying and their school is like 2 minute away from where they live. They study together with the kids outside the center as well which means they are accepted in the society and the kids outside HIV have no problem to study with HIV kids. From what I talked with the kids, they are very happy living at the center, the main reason they said was because they never feel lonely due to tons of friends around them.

The center runs by the donation that the founder gets from abroad and also some helps from the donation at Prabathnumpu temple and some direct donation to the center itself. I talked to the foster parents, the things that the kids need are like bra, underwear or the pad for the teenage girls who start to grow up to be the big girls. Those are the stuff that the donators don’t think of, we normally donate food and clothes and some daily used stuff like shampoo, soap and etc but no one thinks to donate something like bra or underwear. So if you want to show some helps to the kids, don’t hesitate to donate something. The kids always need help and I ensure you that you will love to help them when you meet them.

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